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Affordable Toddlers Daycare for your Children in Petaluma

Affordable infant toddlers  services Petaluma

Toddlers at Fluffy Smiles Daycare Petaluma are immersed in loving and positive environment, with plenty of expert attention to their individual needs and tendencies.

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Fluffy Smiles Daycare Petaluma works with small 3:1 group of children for maximum monitoring of their activities, enabling us to better focus on their sensory, physical, emotional, social, and cognitive development. 

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Toddlers Daycare with Love and Fun

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Our toddler program is designed to address your toddlers' current requirements, every child is unique, while emphasizing movement, play, manipulation, exploration, expression, reflection, socialization, and autonomy.

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Children are incentivized to select their activities and are assisted while proceeding at their own pace. 

Your toddler will learn according to his or her own individual capabilities, while having fun with their friends though our daily routines, they will develop a love to learn and socialize that will last throughout their lives.

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Elements that reinforce our approach include Montessori toys, they are great for exploring shapes and develop motor skills.

Toddles can learn a lot by touching and manipulates shapes, crawling and climbing structures, listening to sounds and music, expressive media, dramatic play, stories, and outdoor experiences.

Renowned Toddler Programs in Petaluma, CA

Toddlers will have access to a wide range of activities, with a great Montessori based curriculum that will kickstart their innate curiosity and develop their physical, emotional and intellectual potentials.

Play and Learn
Renowned Toddler Programs in Petaluma, CA
Renowned Toddler Programs in Petaluma, CA
  • listStories and reading
  • listDramatic play
  • listDrawing and painting
  • listLanguage & writing development
  • listWater and sand tables
  • listSounds and a music program
  • listLive animals
  • listHousehold
  • listBlocks
  • listEarthenware clay & playdough
  • listGroup meeting
  • listMath
  • listScience
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