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 Daycare for Children 6 months to 5 Years Old in Petaluma

Finding a quality home style daycare in Petaluma, can be an difficult task for any parent, we made it our mission to have it a lot easier on them, by offering exactly what we would expect for our own kids!

Finding a quality home style daycare in Petaluma for your infant baby, toddler or 5 Years old child can be a difficult task for parents, we've made it our mission to mave it a lot easier, by offering exactly what we would expect from a great daycare program for our own kids!

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Our cost-effective approach starts with hiring only the best  qualified daycare people, we want your children to be motivate by them and properly guided, with love, care and attention to details, and most of all - to be able to relate with children from ages 6 months to 5 Years old.

At Fluffy Smiles Daycare in Petaluma we will take or your kids under an always positive atmosphere, your infants, toddlers and kids up to 5 Years old, will be motivated to inquire about their world, while following their natural curiosity.

Infants | Toddlers | Children up to 5 Years - Quality Montessori Based Daycare in Petaluma

Montessori Based daycare for infants, toddlers and kids up to 3 years in Petaluma

By carefully and intentionally participating on their quest for knowledge, we can guide them to find their own answers and explore them, so they can better understand them and expand their little world view,  everyday is a new step towards the discovery adventure of life, this playful way of learning will require new social skills, balanced emotions and some intellectual and abstract effort...but they will LOVE IT!

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Your Children are always safe, well fed and rested during their entire part-time or full-time daycare activities day, we have monitoring cameras, inside and outside or daycare location in Petaluma

Offering Affordable Montessori inspired daycare program, with toys that are specially made to get kids involved with their learning, they are not JUST playing, but learning at the same time, every child is the center of their own daily journey, kids will learn to respect, care, nurture, love and question, within every daily social activity at Fluffy Smiles Daycare Petaluma.

Infant Daycare program petaluma

Infant Childcare Program

Affordable quality daycare services Petaluma, home family style child care for infants 6 months & up your baby will love it...

Infant daycre petaluma

Toddler Childcare Program

Home style toddlers daycare / childcare services for Petaluma and nearby cities, lots of love & care for your toddlers, open enrollment...

Covid precaution

We are fully vaccinated, our daycare in Petaluma is purified with HEPA Filters with proper ventilation, all surfaces  UV light sterilized. Our space is monitored by cameras - Inside and outside.

COVID- 19 Compliance: Masks are  NOT Required!

Fluffy Smiles Daycare's Program Details

Class size

Class size

Small group sizes allow us to efficiently perform our child daycare services.
Tailored curriculum

Tailored curriculum

Montessori based LEARN by PLAYING curriculum.
Licensed Daycare in Petaluma


Licensed in California - Facility #493010560. Experienced staff, we hire only the best.
6 months old to 3 years


6 months to 5 Years old children may apply
Full Time or Part time
Our daycare hours


8:00am - 5:00pm Fun & Learning
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Nutritional food

Nutritious meals

Primarily organic  Breakfast , Lunch and 2 Snack times are included on each day.


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